Audit and Inspection

Inspections and audits both have a role to play in proactive management of health and safety. “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it”. This applies to health and safety as with any other management activity.

Effective health and safety management can identify problems before an accident occurs and provide an opportunity to take action to make improvements before things go wrong.

Inspections should be carried out by someone who is competent to identify relevant hazards and risks and who can assess the circumstances.

Effective auditing systems:

  • are carried out by a competent person *
  • are performed by INDEPENDENT auditors
  • focus on key elements and don’t bother with trivia
    * JustSafety can act as your Competent Person

JustSafety’s consultants provide auditing and inspection services for a number of clients. For informal, confidential advice about how our auditing and inspection services can help your business please contact us without obligation.

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