Bosses are Putting Themselves at Risk

Company bosses are risking their health and their marriages, by working longer and harder to help their business through the economic downturn, according to new research.
A study of over 2,000 bosses, including chief executives and managing directors, showed that two thirds were committing “significantly” more time to their job.
More than half of those surveyed by Employment Law Advisory Services (ELAS) admitted their long hours were putting a strain on their family life, and health, with some blaming work for a marriage break-up.
One in three bosses said they were working between 50 and 60 hours a week
One in 20 were putting in more than 100 hours.
Peter Mooney of ELAS said: “We know of several business leaders working 16 or even 18 hours a day – six or seven days a week. The risks they run are obvious.
“Certainly, it seems likely this will be a stressful time for many bosses and their families. It might be a time for them to take stock and try to regain a degree of balance between their work commitments and their family life.
The first quarter of 2009 is likely to be crucial for many businesses, especially those currently on the edge.