Asbestos in the Home

Householders undertaking DIY and maintenance workers are at particular risk of exposing themselves to asbestos. This is due to a combination of ignorance and a lack of readily accessible information and advice. 

Why was asbestos used in the home?
Asbestos fibres are strong and resistant to heat and chemicals. This led to their widespread use in a wide range of building materials and products, particularly during the 1960s and 1970s.  Asbestos was often used as fireproofing but also as a general building material. 

Where was asbestos used in the home?
The picture and list below shows some common areas where asbestos-containing materials may be found; the list is not all-inclusive. The list of products that may contain asbestos is a lengthy one. Those listed below are some of the more common sources, all to be checked by asbestos testing services.


1)   Roof garage and shed sheets, tiles  or roof felt
2)   Gutters and down pipes
3)   Fascia


4)   Partition walls
5)   Panels beneath windows
6)   Cupboards around domestic boilers
7)   Panels behind electrical equipment
8)   Panels behind fires or heaters
9)   Panels on or inside fire doors
10)  Bath panels 
11)  Floor titles
12)  Textures coatings (artex)
13)  Gaskets and rope seals inside gas appliances
14)  Cold water storage tanks