Asbestos is the most lethal workplace killer

Every year 4000 people die of asbestos which is more than those in road traffic accidents. In Great Britain we are in the middle of an epidemic and it is expected that asbestos deaths will to peak to nearly 5000 which is a legacy from years gone by.As part of an ongoing asbestos awareness raising campaign the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has launched a web video, “Asbestos the hidden killer” featuring Tom King a carpenter by trade, who has been diagnosed with the terminal lung cancer, mesothelioma. The video can be viewed at

Recent research conducted by HSE shows that young tradesmen, such as plumbers and electricians, know that asbestos is dangerous but just don’t believe that they are personally at risk. This campaign reminds tradesmen that unless they take precautions asbestos could kill them too.